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How To Resolve Send Receive Error Outlook 2010

In modern business professional, Outlook is one of the best and easiest communication email client that is provides by Microsoft famous company. It is really a reliable way to manage your times with maximization of accessibility. One can easily track one's personal contacts for meeting schedule. Therefore, considering all the facts and thing it has become very popular today. But sometimes, if you are using MS Outlook 2010 you can get send receive error. However, there is no matter to be worried send receive error Outlook 2010 can be fixed easily.

The may be various reasons behind the occurence of send receive error Outlook 2010 like as:

  • Virus or malware attacks : Due to growing number of viruses, outlook pst files may get infected with it resulting in complete inaccessibility and send rececieve error. So, always update anti-virus program for outlook email system
  • Improper application closing or system shutdown: In case the outlook application get closed abnormally, its files gets prone to corruption or damage which further leads to such type of several errors.


  • Unexpected hard drive failure or faulty networking device: Due to this, you can also go through this pst file corruption issues and related errors.
  • Files get oversized above 2GB: Oversize problems i.e when pst files gets exceeded above 2GB is also one of the major reason for corrupt pst that leads inaccessibility of Outlook or its messages.

But, After going through the possible causes of send receive error Outlook 2010, there is no matter to worry one can easily fix it, the most suggested option is to make use of Scanpst.exe inbox repair tool. This inbuilt tool works to identify the issues within outlook files followed by scanning and repairing of pst files. But in case it is fail or unable to resolve the issue then you should immediately take the help of an advance and effective Outlook repair software that is the required solution to all your problems regarding PST file corruptions.